Policy & Terms

Policies and Terms


It’s the responsibility of passengers to keep track of what and how many bags they load in or out of our vehical. Cheap Airport Shuttle accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to passenger’s baggage, hooks or any other type of attachments to any type of bags while being loaded in or out of our vehical. It’s the passengers responsibility to be aware of any wear and tear that they may have, whether they are packed lightly or over packed. Cheap Airport shuttle is not responsible for damage to fragile items, spoilage of perishables, or any other irreplaceable or replaceable items that are packed by you.


need to be made 24 in advance by email ([email protected]), or by call or text if you have the capability 267-407-4260,  As with any service, if we arrive to your location (any location) to pick you up and you are not present, and we cannot reach you, we consider that a no-show and payments by credit card is not refundable. It is passengers responsibility not to loose our contact info. For other types of cancels, see our invoice that we send to you when you make your appointment with us


We report incidents of illegal activity or behavior to the appropriate authorities. Smoking, drug, alcohol intoxication, possession of any type of weapons are prohibited. Any rude behavior that puts our drivers, or dispatch in an uncomfortable position has the right to terminate service(no refunds).


Passengers are made aware in advance by reading this document to watch their head, and other parts of their body when entering, sitting or exiting our vehical. Should a passenger hit their elbow, bump their head, passengers control lightness/tightness of seatbelts or any other mobil activity controlled by passenger alone eliminates Cheap airport shuttle for any injury caused by passenger wether vehical is moving at safe speed or at standstill or stopped.


Overpayments are considered tips. Passengers are responsible for entering the correct invoice amount and tip amount on the invoice that we will send to you once you make you appointment with us


Passengers should be aware that inclimate weather/traffic, technical issues or other unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control may occasionally result in delays or cancellations to our service. Passengers will be informed ahead of time and will have an option to continue to use our service or find other means of transportation. If during a long distance trip while your’e in the vehical and any of these circumstances arise, since part of the trip has been completed it is only fair that part of the fair is calculated and paid by passenger, regardless if some situation may result in passenger having to take other transportation. Example, if you are traveling 2hours, and a circumstance arise within an 1hr 15min of the drive, then you would pay what we charge for 1hr 15min. If you are traveling local and a circumstance arise, then only gas fee will be paid by passenger if a trip cannot be completed